Ladies Who Lunch

My boyfriend and I are self-proclaimed foodies and fortunately, I have a boyfriend who loves to cook and is damn good at it. Me?  I can  cook a mean omelette but that is where my abilities begin and end.  Needless to say, we appreciate a good meal, especially one cooked by Tom Kerridge, a chef with the only 2 Michelin star pub in the world.  While we can’t get into his pub, the Hand of Flowers, until August of next year, we did get a sampling of his new cookbook recipes at a luncheon held at Sonny’s Kitchen in London.  Not only was the food and atmosphere amazing, but Tom Kerridge himself was such a down to earth and warm individual.

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Joe meeting one of his idols and he couldn't be happier!

Joe meeting one of his idols and he couldn’t be happier!

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