My Scoop on easyGym


Does the name conjure up an immediate headache and onslaught of stress?

If yes, what about the word easyGym?


At first, I immediately associated my past easyAnything experiences, typically those filled with English people who suddenly forgot how to queue (which I didn’t think possible) and a company charging you for every possible comfort that gets you through a flight *coughalcoholcough* would be along the lines of what I could expect at their version of a gym. But alas, I may have been completely and utterly proved wrong when it came to easyGym since it was in every sense just the opposite of easyJet.

Spacious? Check

No lines and waiting? Check

Comfortable? Check

Not blinding bright orange? Sorry, it’s still orange.

After my recent surgery I needed to find alternative ways to workout, so joining a gym was a must. I decided to head over to the recently opened easyGym in Fulham to at least see what £24.99per month with no contract would get me.

And surprisingly, it got me a lot.

Firstly, I was greeted by a super attentive trainer who immediately gave me specifics on easyGym, and within minutes, I was signed up for a monthly, pay-as-you go membership. It did include a one-time £25 joining fee but after a quick once over of the gym, I didn’t give it a second thought.

Walking into the gym, I couldn’t believe how large and pristine it really was. Two floors with every kind of gym machine you could need, including sections with TRX and even a Power Plate machine.

And did I mention free PACK workout classes in the morning, afternoon and evening? Yeah, that’s right, you can take as many free group classes as you wish with a certified trainer. While they don’t have specific classes at the Fulham easyGym just yet- such as yoga, aerobics, spinning etc, their HIIT style, 30 minute classes are a great way to kick it up a notch.
IMG_7271 I still cannot wait to get back to my favourite classes throughout London in February, but I highly doubt my easyGym membership will be going anywhere. It is a great place to get a workout in when you don’t have time to visit your favourite yoga, TRX, pilates or barre studio. Whether it be on the weights floor, treadmill, stair master (currently my best friend for the month) and plethora of other machines , I definitely would recommend an easyGym for every fitness level.


*The views expressed are my own and no way endorsed by easyGym

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