Quick and dirty recipes: Egg muffins


Quick and dirty recipes: A weekly series of my escapades in the kitchen. I promise to make only the easiest of recipes that are both satisfying and nutritious.



Truth: I am not a cook

Another truth: my boyfriend Joe cooks 99.9% of our dinners. Yes, I am a lucky lady, and whenever he leaves for a few days, he worries I might go hungry.

But my cooking prowess, or willingness to at least play around in the kitchen, is slowly improving, in part because my new job involves a very different schedule from what I am used to. And to avoid going broke at Pret/indulging in one too many snacks, meal prep is essential.

This week I was inspired by my love for eggs and an egg muffin proved a great grab-and-go protein snack to keep me going throughout the day.

See below for the instructions and the tasty aftermath. Enjoy!

1. Preheat oven to 375 F.

2. Grab your favourite vegetables, such as peppers and mushrooms, and chop until you have reached a size you’d like for each egg muffin.


3. Heat up pan and add butter.

4. Once the pan is hot toss in the peppers followed by the mushrooms and stir until they are golden brown..

5. Whisk together 3 eggs and a 1.5cups of egg whites and add to bowl.

6. Add a dash of milk to ensure they come out fluffy.

7. Once the sautéed vegetables are ready, add them to the egg mixture.

8. I had leftover chicken as well so I chopped the pieces up and threw them in.

9. Slice flatbread into triangles and add to the muffin tray. Some of them will tear but that’s ok!



10. Pour mixture into muffin tray.


11. Bake for 20 minutes or until they are golden and non-runny.

12. Enjoy!

Note:  You can really play around and make this recipe as simple or as colourful as you want. Instead of wrapping the eggs in flatbread you can do so with bacon, etc. Also, if you wrap in flatbread I found they taste best soon after they are out the oven since the bread became quite soft by the evening. Definitely still edible though!



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