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Image by: Courtney Nelson

Who? Alex Marks, personal trainer and lululemon athletica Kings Road, London ambassador

What? Personal Trainer specialising in body transformation and pre/post natal fitness

Where? South West London

Truth: Alex Marks loves all things fitness. But he also has another love; helping others become the best versions of themselves, which is why Alex’s passions have fused into his very own brand of personal training.

Having been in the fitness industry for just over 6 years, Alex packs a whole lot of knowledge, ensuring that London professionals and mothers alike seek him out as their go-to PT. I’ve recently partaken in a few sessions with Alex, and it’s pretty obvious from the get-go, the guy knows his stuff.

A full-time personal trainer currently based at Zinc Fitness, anyone meeting Alex for their first session will quickly feel at ease. His fun and easy-going personality, mixed with intense and dynamic workouts, will have you both loving and hating him all at once. Each hour long workout is always different from the last, and completely catered to your needs. You will leave both fitter and more nutritionally educated, ready to take on the week ahead with a new attitude towards both food and fitness.

An approach that sets Alex apart from other personal trainer’s is that he takes the entire individual into consideration, including goals within the gym as well as outside. Having trained brides-to-be,mothers and working professionals ranging from 25-55 years old, Alex’s goal is is simple:

he wants you to become the best version of yourself.

Below are some questions I had the chance to ask Alex as well as some pictures of our gym session.


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


1. Who/what inspires you most?
This is going to sound so cliché but my clients are my inspiration. Watching them achieve in the gym and hearing how exercise and their physical transformation has had a ripple effect into other elements of their life – it’s my motivation to keep doing what I do.

2. When did your journey as a personal trainer begin?
I started personal training in 2009 after I graduated from the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan Universtity.

3. What are three things you could never live without?
i. Phone
ii. Tupperware
iii. The gym

4. Favourite things to do on a rest day?
It varies month to month and how intense the week was but I’d have to say; winter months Netflix, walks, pizza and duvet days. Summer months probably the pub, playing rugby sevens and sitting in the sun.

5. Why did you decide to specialise in pre and post natal training?
It was an area of the fitness industry that interested me. I found myself thinking just how much of a challenge women face during pregnancy and not just the physical changes. Being that I was honing my skills as a transformation specialist with weight loss and muscle gain clients, I wanted to investigate the physical change and the exercise perimeters women go through during and after pregnancy. It’s a pretty amazing journey and didn’t see why my being a man should prevent me from learning about it.

6. Favourite cheat meal?
Dominos pepperoni, mushroom and sweet corn pizza and Häagen-Dazs cookie dough ice cream washed down with Coca-Cola.

7. Easiest go-to healthy meal?
Baked Avocado with egg, salmon and mixed leaf green salad. Cajun sweet potato wedges.

8. Your biggest vice?
The smell of freshly baked chocolate hazelnut croissants in the morning and being offered a Café Patron when its time to call it a night. Guilty on both accounts.

9. Sometime your day starts at 5am and ends at 8 or 9pm, how do you keep yourself motivated?
Or 9.30?! I count myself lucky to have a job that is both my passion and hobby. Someone said find a job that you love and you never have to work another day in your life. I have about two hours in the day to train and relax between clients so it doesn’t bother me that I do that in the middle of the day instead of during the evening.

10. What advice would you give to those looking to change their lifestyle?
Tie everything to a goal, make it realistic and challenging. Make a daily tick list in your diary, work on ticking those boxes and at the end of every day strike a big tick across the whole page.

11. What about advice for aspiring PT’s?
Attend lululemons Vision and Goal setting Workshop, write a proper business plan, continue your education and make sure you find time for yourself.

12. Top three workout songs?
i. Final Speech – Thomas Jack ft. Adrian Symes (original mix)
ii. Hungry – Rob Bailey
iii. Numb/encore – Jay Z & Linkin Park

13.  What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2015? 
I am really excited to launch my new website and brand and later in the year a series of online, at home exercise videos.

14. Typical weekday in the life of Alex Marks?
5.20 alarm goes off
6:30 arrive at work having eaten meal 1 with a large coffee
10:30/11:00 eat again after first round of clients
Eat small pre-workout meal then train by 2pm followed by post-workout meal
Eat afternoon snack whilst doing admin work
3:30- 9:30 train clients (eat again around 6)
9.30 on the train home eating dinner
10:00 arrive home
10:30/11 bed

Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson


Image by: Courtney Nelson

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