The Shoe Review: Nike MetCon 1 vs the new MetCon 2

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 I’ve got one pair of heels held hostage amongst 12 pairs of trainers, so it’s safe to say I might have learned a thing or two about what shoes work best for training. 

And before CrossFit I tended to opt for Asics- a  comfortable and stable trainer that’s great for both running and fitness classes.

But last year, a few months into starting CrossFit, I finally got around to trying on a pair of Reebok Nanos. And while I am sure they perform well, I never purchased a pair due to how uncomfortable they felt on my wide feet.

Then the Nike MetCons were revealed, and I decided to give them a go. They were the answer to my CrossFit shoe prayers. They fit like a dream.

My main reasons for liking them? The insoles mold to your feet and feel like a second skin and the sticky soles make you feel secure when performing high intensity workouts whether be in a HIIT class or in your CrossFit gym. According to Nike, “the Flywire cable technology on the upper sole offer lockdown and long-term resilience.” In other words,  they feel secure, but I find that they still manage to feel light weight and don’t carry the extra bulk that I find some cross trainers have.

The MetCons perform equally well when I’m lifting as they’ve got an extremely stable heel that feels strong and sturdy. I rarely change into lifting shoes during CrossFit and I’ve hit some of my PB lifts in them. 

But while I wouldn’t opt to run far in them, I wouldn’t sulk if I had to do a mile run in them either.

The only vice? With the MetCon 1 there was a faulty midsole which came slightly undone at the heel with every pair I owned. This was also an issue for most people I spoke to that wore their MetCon 1’s regularly. Despite the issue, the shoe was still a great fit and functioned as I wanted despite the fault.

When the Metcon 2 were revealed a few weeks ago I was keen to try them as well. Mostly because of the fun new colours. And have you seen the  Personalised ID ones? At £130 a pair, their even steeper of a price than the regular ones, but damn they are cool.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 08.39.58

simple and sleek MetCon ID’s

So far, the MetCon 2’s I currently own haven’t functioned any differently from the previous version. However, the midsole has yet to come undone so that is a definite positive.

The below points as outlined by Nike state what make the latest MetCons an improved version. While I haven’t noticed many huge differences, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I love them just as much and they perform equally as well.

Metcon 2 vs 1:

  • improvement of the toe and forefoot material
  • increased padding in the heel
  • added heel-plate for reduced friction on stress points during HSPU
  • outer-material on arch is vented differently
  • foot-bed feels more secure, does not squeak
  • slightly flatters sole

Stay tuned for my write-up about Metcon’s vs No Bull





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