EMS training: When in London, do as the Germans do and for good reason.

January 18, 2016

Read on to learn all about EMS training and exactly what I experienced during my first session with E-Pulsive, one of London’s very first EMS training companies.

Unit 27: CrossFit & Total Conditioning

January 11, 2016

“this is what heaven should be like” Adam Goff, CrossFit competitor On my recent fitness holiday to Phuket, Thailand’s iconic fitness street, I chose Unit 27 as the place I would spend most of my time when I wasn’t soaking up the sunshine. And let me just say, it simply doesn’t get much better than this place. Whether you are staying for just a week or 3 months, you will leave a happier and healthier version of yourself.

A very merry fitness holiday in Phuket, Thailand

January 6, 2016

What? Thailand’s iconic fitness street. Where? Phuket, Thailand. When? December 14-29 At the start of 2015, I wrote down a few fitness goals which included running my first half-marathon as well as going on a fitness holiday before the year was up. And while I did the former in March, come December I had yet to go on a proper “fitness” holiday. So, when my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to head to Thailand to train in Phuket’s well-known fitness street, it was a no-brainer. Training, sleeping, eating and sunshine? It sounded like the perfect way to close 2015 while jump starting my fitness goals for the new year.

Orthorexia: the unhealthy, healthy obsession

October 23, 2015

There’s no doubt that the health and wellness industry has been booming these past few years. People are becoming more mindful, and thus more educated. Slowly but surely, society is finally catching on to the fact that miracle pills are actually not so miraculous, and only through mindful eating and exercise can one really start to live a balanced and “full”filled life.

Weekly Favourites

September 21, 2015

1. My new favourite health and fitness blog. Concise, well written and researched.  (theblondeethos.com) 2. Intermittent fasting and the studies behind it. (collective-evolution.com) 3. Start something great with the Whole Life Challenge. Join or create a team of your own. (wholelifechallenge.com) 4. Why I do Crossfit (theplayerstribune.com)  5. “The Game Changing Secret London Workout.” (womenshealthmag.co.uk)  

lululemon: the power of support

September 17, 2015

How do you want to feel? That is the key question you may be asked when moseying on over to any lululemon pant wall from now on. Of course, you can answer with an emotional response and a lululemon educator will be more than happy to have a chat about that as well. But the people behind lululemon also wants to know how your body wants to feel. Especially when you slip on their newest tights that can be found on their iconic and revamped pant walls.

Crossfit Perpetua: the hottest Crossfit box in London

September 1, 2015

After months of working out, whether it be TRX, barre, pilates, HIIT, or strength and conditioning training at studios throughout London, I can’t lie, as I got stronger and more into my fitness, I got a little bored with the same routines. It was time for serious changes and new challenges. Cue CrossFit Perpetua.

Embracing rejection in the fitness modeling industry

May 27, 2015

Rejection in any form is tough. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a fitness model encouraged me to apply to the same agency that signed him. I have never thought of myself as ‘model material,’ but I had fun during my photo shoot for one of my recent blog write ups. What ultimately made the decision as well, was the prospect of being able to increase my networking within the fitness industry. So I thought, what the hell.

Paris Half-Marathon Part II: the highs and lows

March 12, 2015

After running my first marathon, I was extremely proud of my results. Especially considering that only three runs took place between January and March 8th.