The PaleoChef UK

November 26, 2015

With health and fitness becoming of more and more importance in big cities where time is precious, meal delivery options have steadily made their way to our offices and homes in a big way. Companies such as Diet Chef, Fitness First and Detox Kitchen deliver weekly meal packages that cater to the active and health conscious individual, so it was only a matter of time before the paleo diet become readily available for the busy cave men and women of London. Cue, the PaleoChef.

Orthorexia: the unhealthy, healthy obsession

October 23, 2015

There’s no doubt that the health and wellness industry has been booming these past few years. People are becoming more mindful, and thus more educated. Slowly but surely, society is finally catching on to the fact that miracle pills are actually not so miraculous, and only through mindful eating and exercise can one really start to live a balanced and “full”filled life.

Roaccutane: how it changed my life

September 8, 2015

The medication Roaccutane, often known as a last resort for those who have suffered with acne, has gained quite a reputation over the years. Becoming synonymous with severe emotional disorders, Roaccutane has been linked to depression as well as death and suicide.

On the radar: Nutritional therapist Chloe Manlay

May 1, 2015

Who? Chloe Manlay What? Nutritional therapist with a BSc (Hons) Where? Currently in NYC, becoming yogi certified! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with nutritionist and friend Chloe Manlay to go over my normal routine both inside the kitchen and throughout my day to day life. Having never met with a nutritionist before, I had little idea of what to expect and whilst Chloe is a friend, I was still a little apprehensive about what she might have to say about my eating patterns and lifestyle choices. Luckily, her calm and warm demeanour put me at ease from the start, allowing me to be completely honest about my habits. With nutritional therapy, the whole individual is considered, so everything you do from morning until evening, as well as your sleeping habits, are taken into consideration. And while I consider myself a pretty healthy individual, I knew Chloe would… Read more »

Cold remedies

March 19, 2015

It may not be cold season, but this week I recently felt a sore throat coming on. Wondering what ways I could tackle it head on, I asked a few of my nutrition-minded friends what they recommended to stop a cold in its tracks, and below were some of their recommendations. These may be more holistic approaches, but you can’t deny that their suggestions contain some great ingredients to boost an ailing immune system.

London healthy eats: Tanya’s Café

February 23, 2015

Who? Tanya’s Café What? Raw dining Where? MyHotel Chelsea When? Sunday- Monday  |   9am – 3pm Tuesday – Friday  |  9am – 10pm  Saturday   |    9am – 6pm

Quick and dirty recipes: Egg muffins

February 4, 2015

Quick and dirty recipes. A weekly series of my escapades in the kitchen. I promise to make only the easiest of recipes that are both satisfying and nutritious.

On the radar: health and fitness blogger Keep it SimpElle

This past weekend I met up with personal trainer and fitness blogger Elle Linton from Elle’s positive energy was infectious and it was inspiring to hear her health journey and meet someone who so openly shared advice with a novice blogger like myself.

La Tabla restaurant review

February 1, 2015

My home away from home, Vero Beach Florida, was the perfect destination during the holidays to get away from the hustle of London life. There was plenty of sunshine to get your fill on, but there was one thing missing..the healthy eats found back in London town’s every corner.

Weekly Favourites

January 31, 2015

My favourite articles that I’ve come across this week. 1. A great 30 day minimalist challenge. ( 2. Sometimes you need to let the people you love go. ( 3. STOP doing these things in 2015. ( 4. Don’t take it personally. ( 5. Running… drunk? ( 6. One family doesn’t eat sugar for an entire year. (