On the radar: health and fitness blogger Keep it SimpElle

February 4, 2015

This past weekend I met up with personal trainer and fitness blogger Elle Linton from KeepitSimpElle.com. Elle’s positive energy was infectious and it was inspiring to hear her health journey and meet someone who so openly shared advice with a novice blogger like myself.

La Tabla restaurant review

February 1, 2015

My home away from home, Vero Beach Florida, was the perfect destination during the holidays to get away from the hustle of London life. There was plenty of sunshine to get your fill on, but there was one thing missing..the healthy eats found back in London town’s every corner.

Weekly Favourites

January 31, 2015

My favourite articles that I’ve come across this week. 1. A great 30 day minimalist challenge. (into-mind.com) 2. Sometimes you need to let the people you love go. (earthweareone.com) 3. STOP doing these things in 2015. (elitedaily.com) 4. Don’t take it personally. (collective-evolution.com) 5. Running… drunk? (outsideonline.com) 6. One family doesn’t eat sugar for an entire year. (everydayhealth.com)  

My Scoop on easyGym

January 15, 2015

easyJet. Does the name conjure up an immediate headache and onslaught of stress? If yes, what about the word easyGym?

AcroYoga with lululemon

January 10, 2015

With so many alternative types of yoga practices being discovered and created, it was only a matter of time till AcroYoga began its journey to London. AcroYoga is the latest alternative yoga class that takes your practice to a whole new level, and I mean that in a quite literal sense. Last night, I saw it first hand as part of an event held by lululemon at the Bluebird Café in Chelsea, London.


January 3, 2015

NY 2015 Setbacks When discussing my 2015 visions and goals in a past entry,  I didn’t really think of the setbacks I’d be coming face-to-face with, but I am tackling my current one head-on. On December 29th I decided to go ahead with a surgery that I had been contemplating for years. And, while I waited until the 11th hour to decide, I am nonetheless beyond ecstatic with the decision I made. It will, however, and has already created, some struggles in the NY when it comes to preparing for my half-marathon training as well as working out and staying in shape. Basically, the doctor said no activity for 6 weeks…Not sure how that will pan out as I am already going through exercise withdrawals and recently purchased a new pair of Newtons begging to be broken in.

Semi Marathon de Paris: my first half-marathon

December 28, 2014

This past week I signed up for my first half-marathon. I knew it was a goal that I wanted to achieve during the first half of 2015, but signing up has made it so much more real.  So, while I have been home for the holidays I knew it would be the perfect time to reunite with my running routine and figure out where and when I would complete my first half. I chose the Semi Marathon de Paris which is being held March 8th and I am running in memory of my older brother Wolfgang Engelmann. You can read more about my amazing brother here and the charity I chose and even donate if you’d like. After signing up I began researching half-marathon training plans to follow that would also cater to the fact that I enjoy other types of exercises as well and am quite busy during the week. The plan that most caught my eye… Read more »

Ways to stay in shape while on your holiday

December 23, 2014

While holidays have become a rarity since moving to London, I remember how much excitement was not only put on the places my boyfriend and I would visit, but of course the exotic and rich foods that would await us as well.