Welcome home to sunshine, family, friends and running!

December 23, 2014

Since officially starting my holiday back in sunny Florida with family and friends I am getting myself into a more regular running routine. Or rather, running with lots of pits stops for blended coffees and cookies. I am on vacation, after all.

The Lumineers at London’s Alexandra Palace

December 2, 2013

Fact: It’s hard to get my boyfriend to listen to new music.  So, when I discovered The Lumineers in early 2012, I was thrilled that he immediately took a liking to them.  Fast Forward to Thanksgiving 2013, we found ourselves chowing down on some burgers before heading to London’s Alexandra Palace to see The Lumineers in concert. These guys, ladies and gentleman, are the real deal.  They are a no frills band that played their hearts out until the very last encore.  I cannot stress enough just how great Wesley Schultz’s voice was live. And the great thing is, Shultz’s superb guitar playing and raw vocals didn’t rob the other band members of their rightful dues.  The Lumineers has talent in every sphere.  Signing backup and killing it on the cello, Neyla Pekarek and her enchanting smile were impossible not to notice.  And of course, there is Shultz’s bro Jeremiah… Read more »

Ladies Who Lunch

November 16, 2013

My boyfriend and I are self-proclaimed foodies and fortunately, I have a boyfriend who loves to cook and is damn good at it. Me?  I can  cook a mean omelette but that is where my abilities begin and end.  Needless to say, we appreciate a good meal, especially one cooked by Tom Kerridge, a chef with the only 2 Michelin star pub in the world.  While we can’t get into his pub, the Hand of Flowers, until August of next year, we did get a sampling of his new cookbook recipes at a luncheon held at Sonny’s Kitchen in London.  Not only was the food and atmosphere amazing, but Tom Kerridge himself was such a down to earth and warm individual.